In social studies our students have been studying current global issues, such as poverty and development, migration, and globalisation. Of course, these can be sensitive topics, so as always our classrooms foster respect and understanding towards each other, and other cultures.

Currently we are studying about migration. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, more and more people are migrating to new countries each year, for work, to escape war, and so forth. Our students are identifying and finding solutions to issues that occur both for the country people are immigrating to, and for the country they are emigrating from.

Social studies doesn’t often have a “correct” answer so our lessons involve large amounts of group work and discussions. The lessons encourage students to feel comfortable raising their ideas, but also to become comfortable with giving and receiving constructive feedback. This kind of communication is necessary to develop deep thinking skills.

It is always exciting to see the ideas that students develop through cooperation and by building off of each other’s ideas.