ボランティアウィーク報告① Volunteers’ Week Report①




〔 学び、考える期間 〕





The Salesian International School dedicated the period from January 30th to February 10th as Volunteer Week, a time for education, contemplation, and taking action on social and global issues. The following is an overview of the various initiatives that were carried out.


[Period of Learning and Thinking]. 

During this time, each grade was given a unique theme and participated in special classes and lectures that allowed them to learn and reflect. The first-year junior high school students explored various problems in Bali, while the second-year junior high school students focused on climate change and energy. The third-year junior high school students studied inclusive society, and the first-year high school students delved into the topic of refugees. The second-year high school students, on the other hand, discussed war and peace.

Throughout the volunteer week, the students received lectures from experts in their respective fields and learned about the issues from different perspectives. They also had the chance to consider their own role in solving these problems. Finally, the students summarized their reflections and shared them through awareness-raising posters and essays.