2月6日に発生したトルコ、シリアの大地震は、多くの死者、負傷者をもたらし、緊急支援が必要となっています。シリアのアレッポにある私たちの姉妹校でも、多くの生徒たちが被害を受け、寒さの中、十分な支援がない状況にあるとのニュースが届きました。Earthquake in Turkey and Syria • Istituto Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice (



サレジアン国際学園中学校高等学校 福祉委員



Emergency fundraising report on the major earthquake in Turkey and Syria


The major earthquake in Turkey and Syria on 6 February has caused many deaths and injuries, and emergency assistance is needed. We have received news that many pupils at our sister school in Aleppo, Syria, have also been affected and are without adequate support in the cold.  Earthquake in Turkey and Syria • Istituto Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice (

In order to provide the support we could, we organised an emergency donation, mainly by the Welfare Committee members. With the help of many people, we were able to collect a total of ¥274,786. The donations will be sent to the area through the Salesian Sisters and will be used for aid activities. We would like to think about the tragic events that are happening somewhere on earth as our own personal matter and start with what we can do.

Salesian International School Welfare Commissioner